On a late spring day, a gorgeous and self confident woman is resting from her daily routine while enjoying delicious fruits and good wine. Vorfreude is about a pleasurable feeling which encompasses our bodies and minds when we are happy, when we are in love and anticipating something great to happen shortly. 



Sergiy Maidukov

Vorfreude is an exclusive wall plates art project of BVSK which combines the creativity of BVSK team and well known Ukrainian artist Sergiy Maidukov. Coming originally from Donietsk in Ukraine, Sergiy Maidukov is developing his international artistic career from his new home in Kyiv. Sergiy cooperated with number of journals like The Washington Post, Esquire, The Boston Globe, The Archirectural Review, Diplomat and many others. Sergiy's works are available to review at: Behance.net








The author used rich colors which catch the eye of illustration fans and that of art enthusiasts. It is warm.  It is cheerful.  It is optimistic.





The porcelain is produced by Kristoff, one of the main producers of porcelain in Poland which has 180 year history. The company nowadays delivers its products to buyers from all over the world who appreciate their high quality and original design. 


Exclusive collection / Only 20 copies available