Spoti Ceramic Board


Dimensions: Height 25 cm | Width 19 cm
Depth: 8 mm
Weight: 450 g
Specification: Hand casted and hand-glazed ceramic board decorated with decal.


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The board is hand casted and hand-glazed by ceramists from the Lower Silesia region. Each ceramic board is cauterized in a kiln in three phases. The first (named ‘biscuit’) where the ceramic board is fired at a temperature of 900°C. The second phase where the ceramic board is coated in enamel and is fired at 1150°C in the oven. The third and final phase is firing the decorative pattern and the ceramic board together at a temperature of 780-820 ° C.

As all boards are handmade, dimensions of particular tems can slightly vary between 1 to 2 mm. Please note that due to differences in monitors’ settings, the colors of patterns demonstrated in this website might not 100% correspond to real colors.

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