About us

About us

At BVSK, we believe that surroundings and objects have a huge influence on us. In particular, those associated with tableware and a dining area. 

People always come back to memories from their family home and revel in the emotions that these memories evoke. Whether it’s those turquoise cups brought back from the Far East which are an integral part of any celebration, ceramic trivets for serving hot dishes, or grandma's decorative wall plates and colourful pots for other parts of the fun - we all know that personal magic we have at home.  It is that magic we want to foster and share with you.

We wanted to create a brand that would inspire both you and your deepest needs when it comes to interior design and your living, working and leisure spaces. Inspired by Slow Deco movement — a healthy mix of old and new design classics, mixed with antiques and locally sourced design - the Boguslavskaya brand was born.  A concept which combines both traditional and modern styles, craft with technology, all mixed up with current trends.

We believe we offer you a unique piece that you will not only find incredibly useful, but will also bring a little magic to your space.