Bretter und Topfuntersetzer

Spring Summer '17
Autumn Winter '16


The height of small board/trivet is 21 cm and the width of it is 15 cm. The height of medium board/trivet is 24 cm and the width of it is 17.5 cm.

The larger ceramic board has the same proportions. The ceramic boards are very stable on flat surfaces with their unique shape of an elongated octagon giving them an interesting character.


 Width (in the widest points) Small 15 cm | Medium 17.5 cm | Big 19 cm
Height Small 21 cm | Medium 24 cm | Big 25 cm
Diagonal Small 18 cm | Medium 20.5 | Big 22cm
Depth Small 4 mm | Medium 6 mm | Big 8 mm


All our ceramic boards are hand casted and hand-glazed by ceramists from the Lower Silesia region.

Each ceramic board is cauterized in a kiln in three phases. The first (named ‘biscuit’) where the ceramic board is fired at a temperature of 900°C. The second phase where the ceramic board is coated in enamel and is fired at 1150°C in the oven. The third and final phase is firing the decorative pattern and the ceramic board together at a temperature of 780-820 ° C

maximal weight


All boards and trivets have more than 30 pattern designs. The boards are decorated with: 

  • Polish decol made of high quality Italian paints using CMYK and PANTONE systems,
  • ceramic gold.

Current Collection

Spring/Summer 2017

Artistic collection